Top 10 Baking Tips

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  1. Do not overmix and do not overbake.


This can be particularly devastating if it occurs because it could ruin your recipe.  For instance, if you whip the heavy whipping cream for too long, the outcome will be butter, not light and fluffy whipped cream.  Also, if you bake the recipe for over the recommended time, it could become soot.  When baking constantly check your recipe in the oven, because one minute over could end in DISASTER!!!


2. Carefully read the recipe before proceeding. Use the specified ingredients, and pre-measure them.


When reading the recipe, everything need to be followed exactly for a tasty outcome.  Putting too much or too little of an ingredient messes up the balance of the flavors.  For instance, vanilla is a common over done ingredient.  Vanilla is very tasty, and very strong.  You may think, “WHAT!?!?  One teaspoon of vanilla!  That can’t be enough, lets make it two!”  Trust me, one teaspoon is plenty.


3. Always use metal measuring cups for dry ingredients and a glass measuring cup for liquid ingredients.


When measuring liquid ingredients, use glass so you can see how much you are pouring so you don’t add too much or too little.  This can taint the recipe as I stated above.
4. Take your time to properly preheat the oven, and practice safety.


People pre heat the oven to ensure it is the right heat for the recipe.  The required baking time labeled on the recipe does not include the preheating time.  You are supposed to preheat the oven, then put the recipe in to bake. 
5. Measure flour according to the recipe.


Flour is like vanilla, too much makes the recipe too dry, too little makes the recipe too liquidy.  If you follow the recipe, the amount of flour will be just right.


6. Check expiration dates!
7. Properly store ingredients and use the highest quality and freshest ones possible.

To make sure they don’t go bad
8. Use metal nonstick baking pans, not thin disposable aluminum ones. Glass pyrex pans are preferable for pie baking.


Non stick is great so you don’t have to spray the pans before hand!

9. Let your recipe cool on a wire rack for a little bit before unmolding/taking off of cookie sheet


This will let them sit for a little bit so when they unmold, they don’t fall apart.  Same with cookies; let them sit for a minute or too before taking them off of the cookie sheet.
10. Before baking, always wash your hands and carefully wash any fruits and vegetables used in the recipe.

This will keep bacteria from getting into your recipe.  Also when someone wants to dip their finger into the cookie dough, make sure they have washed their hands.  I have three brothers, so I experience this, a lot.  Also make sure to wipe down your workspace when needed to keep it tidy!

Top ten tips to follow!   I know I will!


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