KitchenAid Stand Mixer

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Hand mixing is a drag, and is tiring.  With an electric mixer, it is much easier and gets the job done fast.  The KitchenAid stand mixer is a great mixer for baking.  It is capable of mixing large batches of cookie and cake dough-as well as other treats.  It is simple and effective to use.

            The mixer comes with 3 interchangeable beaters, whisks, mixing blades and a dough hook.  With the extra attachments that are available, there is nothing you can’t make.  There is even a pasta shredder attachment to make your own pasta and/or raviolis.  There is also a juicer attachment to make your own fresh juice and an ice cream maker.  Can somebody say YUM?  

            The tilt head design of the mixer allows the head of the mixer to tilt up for easy removal of the mixing bowl.  IT also locks in place for the mixing process.  The 5 quart mixing bowl also locks in place.  You can do this by simply turning the mixing bowl while its on the base of the mixer until it stops.  When the bowl needs to be transferred, just turn it the other way and voila, the bowl is unlocked and ready to go.  The mixing bowl comes in the perfect size for small batches and large ones.  It also fits into a standard dishwasher for easy cleaning.

            The KitchenAid mixer is equipped with 10 speeds.  The first speed is for slow continuous stirring and the 10th speed is for very fast beating.  Personally, the 10th speed scares me a little bit.

            Who says that the appliances in your kitchen have to be boring?  This mixer comes in fabulous colors that will go with any kitchen.  Here is a list of the awesome colors:  white, cobalt blue, yellow, empire red, imperial black, persimmon, onyx balck, tangerine, white on white, cornflower, caviar, silver metallic, green apple, almond cream, imperial grey, ice, metallic chrome, majesty yellow, pistachio, gloss cinnamon, blue willow, bayleaf, boysenberry and pear .  I have one in imperial red that i got for Christmas and I absolutely love it!

This is the imperial red

This is the imperial red

            Customers love this mixer saying “One of the finest mixers in the market.”  This mixer is a little pricey, but definitely worth it.  It is available at, for $254.99.  This mixer is essential for making complex and simple recipes.  I absolutely love it and it gets the job done when you need it.  

            This mixer is also reliable.  One customer says; “I have had my mixer for several years and it continues to work like new.”  My mixer still works like new even through all of the failed recipes I have put it through.

            I would recommend this product to beginner bakers like me, or experienced bakers.  On, this mixer received a 4.82 out of five for the overall rating.  That is probably because of its quality, versatility and simplicity.  There are endless possibilities for what you can make with this mixer, and with all of the available attachments, the possibilities grow even more!

            Once you get this mixer, you are guaranteed to love it at first sight.  I rate this mixer with a 5 because I love it!

Until next time my baker buddies!  Go out and buy this mixer!


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